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Fun-day Focus

We are continuing our topic about Spring and will be talking about plants and growing this week.

We will be reading the picture book, 'Jasper's Beanstalk'.


Make-it Monday

Today children will be making a paper beanstalk, which will grow (with the help of folded paper!): 

  • draw a tall beanstalk on a long piece of paper (see below)
  • draw leaves to add detail 
  • next, fold the paper into 4 to make a shorter beanstalk
  • take care to make sure both parts of the beanstalk join together and match. (You may need to add some extra leaves for this).
  • You could try folding again and again (a concertina effect) so that your beanstalk could grow every day like Jasper's beanstalk in the story.


Taste-it Tuesday

As we are talking about plants and growing this week, we will talk about growing fruits and vegetables and children will be making banana lollies for their snack today.


Children will

  • put a small piece of banana onto a lolly stick
  • squeeze a small amount of honey onto their banana
  • dip their banana into rainbow sprinkles or chocolate sprinkles
  • EAT!



Wiggle Wednesday

Children were beginning to develop skills copying the actions in the songs last week.

We will repeat songs today to give children the opportunity to continue to develop those skills and build confidence in their movements.

In the Park

STOP Follow Directions Song

Thrilling Thursday

We have been thinking about plants growing this week.  Plants need light to grow and for our thrill today we are going to use shadows so that we can understand that shadows appear where the light does not reach. So our thrill will be to do a puppet show using a torchlight and a cardboard box!

How to make your own shadow puppet theatre

Your child will enjoy helping you to make the puppet show and you can use shapes of their favourite characters. Talk about light and shadows and after this activity, you can see if they notice the shadows you see when you are out in the sunshine. The children can enjoy chasing their shadows or seeing if they can make them bigger or smaller.

Funky Friday

Let's sing a song about how the plants grow!

Farmer Plants the Seeds | Kids Song | Song Lyrics | Nursery Rhymes | Farming

Now it's time to move on Funky Friday!

Preschool Learn to Dance: Can You Plant a Bean

Jump Up, Bend Down ♫ Exercise Song for Kids ♫ Action Dance Song ♫ Kids Songs by The Learning Station