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Fun-day Focus

Make-it Monday

Our topic this week is Spring and The Park.

We will be talking about trips to the park and looking for signs of spring outside, eg. new leaves on trees and flowers growing.

We will be reading a rhyming book called 'Shark in the Park', where a little boy looks around the park using a telescope. 

Today the children will be making a paper telescope.

They will also be developing finger strength ripping and scrunching tissue paper to make paper flowers and bushes.





Taste-it Tuesday


Children will be making their own sandwich at snack time today, after group work talking about eating a picnic in the park. They will be given a slice of bread and given a choice of toppings to spread on top: butter, jam or cream cheese.

Children will develop finger strength and mobility as they use a knife to spread the topping on their bread and fold it in half to eat.



Wiggle Wednesday

As it is our first week back and we have a number of new children who have recently joined Nursery, we are going to revisit some of our favourite music and simple movement songs to encourage our new friends to join in:

Baby Shark Dance

STOP Follow Directions Song

In the Park - Songs for children


Thrilling Thursday

Today's thrill will be a Spring Sensory Bin!

Fill a bucket or container with some shredded paper,pebbles or pasta. The activity is for your child to enjoy rummaging around to see what they can find just like a lucky dip! 

In the container, you will have planted or hidden various objects which are linked to spring. This might include a  model rabbit, frog,  bees, butterflies,chicks or spring flowers, If you can not find  these things, pictures of spring objects may be used instead.

See if your child can find all the objects and then talk about Spring. These things are found at spring time. How many things did you find? Can they be sorted in to colour/shape/things which are alive or not alive, Where can they be found? How big are they? How do the creatures grow?

Funky Friday

Today we will . explore sounds. Place some objects on the tray and placing a cloth over the tray, without your child seeing you do this, move one object so that it makes a noise. Next, take the cloth off the tray and your child can guess which object made the sound. Your child will enjoy this activity and it will help to develop attention and listening skills.

You can challenge your child further by changing this game to focus on initial sounds. Instead of using a cloth to cover the sounds and making sounds, ask your child to find out the object on the tray beginning with 'p' and they will need to find the pencil. Say the sound as it is spoken, not the name of the sound.

After playing the tray game, see if you can go outside - even if it is to the doorway with your child and see if you can hear the sounds of spring which we have learned about. 

Now let's move and dance to the song about Spring!

Springtime Dance | Jack Hartmann