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Fun-day Focus

This week we are beginning a new topic, talking about feelings and 'Being Me in my World'.


Make-it Monday

Children will be looking at photographs of happy and sad faces today and talking about what makes them happy and sad. They will be looking at their own faces in the mirror and looking at similarities and differences.

We will then be making expression paddles:



Children will be given 2 circles of card and will draw a happy face on 1 card and a sad face on the other.

They will then attach a lolly stick to the back of 1 of the circles and join the back of the circles together to create a 'paddle' that shows a happy face on one side and a sad face on the other, when turned.

Taste-it Tuesday

Children will be given a toasted breakfast muffin and given a choice of toppings to spread on top: butter, jam or cream cheese.

We will talk about differences and how people often like to eat different foods, linking to our topic this week.

Children will develop finger strength and mobility as they use a knife to spread the topping on their muffin.



Wiggle Wednesday

We have a number of new children who have joined Nursery so today we are going to revisit some of our favourite music and simple movement songs to encourage our new friends to join in:

Baby Shark Dance

STOP Follow Directions Song for Children

I Can Move My Body Like Anything

Thrilling Thursday


Today's thrill will be to enjoy playing with shaving foam! If you have no foam at home, you could make some foam using washing up liquid and warm water and splash to make a layer of bubbles on the surface!

You can talk with your child about how the foam feels - cold/warm, soft/hard and does the foam feel nice on the skin- use words like squashy, squeezy, foamy and so on. Let your child enjoy handling the foam in a bowl and then you can do some fun pre writing activities.

Funky Friday

Today's funky activity is to retell the story of Goldilocks and the Three Bears with musical body sounds like this;

Goldilocks & the Three Bears


When Goldilocks went to the house of the bears, (make a roof shape with hands)

Oh what did her blue eyes see? (peep through circled  fingers)

A bowl that was huge, a bowl that was small,  (show huge, and small with hands)

And a bowl that was tiny, and that was all, (make a tiny bowl with hands)

She counted them one,  two,  three.    (count with fingers 1, 2, 3 )


(repeat for verses 2 & 3 but instead of 3 bowls, there are 3 chairs in verse 2, and 3 beds in verse 3)


When Goldilocks ran from the house of the bears, (pretend to run on the spot)

Oh what did her blue eyes see? (peep through circled fingers)

A bear that was huge! (pretend to be a huge bear)

A bear that was small, (pretend to be a smaller bear)

And a bear that was tiny, and that was all, (pretend to be a tiny bear)

They growled at her, GROWL, GROWL GROWL!! (growl as loudly as you can!)


Below is the tune you can use.


Loud and Soft Song