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Fun-day Focus

This week we are continuing our topic about 'Houses and Homes'.

Make-it Monday

Today we will be talking about shapes as we make a house using paper or an empty box. You could also use an empty toilet roll of paper bag. Look at the pictures below for ideas:

Taste-it Tuesday

Today we will be talking about eating breakfast in our homes.

In Nursery, children will be practising their pouring skills. It is incredibly difficult for small children to pour cereal from a big box or pour milk from a bottle. It can also be very messy!!!


Your child will have increased control and find it easier if an adult puts dry cereal into a cup first so that he/she can pour from the cup into their bowl.

Repeat this process for your child to pour milk slowly from a cup into his/her bowl.    

Wiggle Wednesday

Moving to music is good fun and improves children's physical skills as they develop balance and coordination. It is also good exercise and increases physical stamina.


Today, we are going to repeat 'Wiggle Wednesday' from last week to give children the opportunity to develop confidence in their movements and make their movements more precise.

Repetition reinforces learning and helps children to develop their skills further.


  • The first clip encourages children to move freely and respond creatively to the music, with their own ideas for movement.
  • The second clip provides children with the challenge of copying the actions shown on screen. You may want to repeat this clip a few times, giving children the opportunity to practice their movements.

I Like To Move It (Original Video) Madagascar HD

Just Dance Kids 2014 I Like To Move It

Thrilling Thursday

Today we are going to look in to the mystery box! What will we see inside? We will find objects from different rooms in the house and we will decide which room the objects belong in!

We can name the objects, describe them, talk about what their use is and then which room they can be found in.

Which rooms do these belong?

Funky Friday

Let's sing a song about a house!


House Song

Here is another song about a house. You can join in the actions!

Learn Rooms of the House Song

Then we can finish with our song about building a house!

gonna build a house.mpg