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Fun-day Focus

Make-it Monday

We will be talking about the weather, frost and snow this week.

Our craft activity today will be making a snowman or snow picture.

You could use egg carton, kitchen roll tubes, or cotton wool.

Look at the pictures below for ideas: 

Taste-it Tuesday

Today the children will be making their own snowball cakes, using: 

200g white chocolate
75g rice krispies
1 tablespoon golden syrup
  • Melt the white chocolate: this can be done over a pan of simmering water or use a microwave for 2 minutes. The bowl will be hot so be careful!
  • Stir in the golden syrup and rice krispies.
  • Spoon the mixture into 12 cake cases 
  • Put in the fridge for 15 minutes.
  • Eat and enjoy!

Wiggle Wednesday

Moving to music is good fun. It improves children's physical strength and control as they copy the movements shown. We are going to repeat the dances from last week as it is good to revisit previous learning. This gives children the opportunity to secure learning and improve their movements.

Fruit Juice | Shake Shake Shake it | Dance Along

Exercise song for children/ Fast and Slow Actions

Thrilling Thursday

Today our thrill is to explore ice! 

First, you and your child can go around to find things your child would like to freeze - and they can be dropped in a plastic box half-filled with water. The box will need to go in to the freezer for a couple of hours until the box is frozen solid. Here are some examples below;

When the frozen ice with objects in comes out, you can discuss with your child how it has all changed.

It is solid, cold, freezing, clear, see- through, shiny, hard, slimy. 

Now how will you get the toys/objects out? See if your child can think of a way? They may want to try using a stick or a fork? They may suggest putting the ice in water. 


Talk about the melting of the ice. You can then help your child along by letting them pour some salt on the ice which will immediately make the surface slushy and grainy. Put the ice box in a warm place until more drips appear and eventully all the ice will melt so your child's toys will reappear!

Funky Friday

For Funky Friday, we're going to do a snowflake dance to start!

Winter Dance & Brain Breaks Songs for Kids ♫ Snowflakes Song ♫ Kids Songs by The Learning Station

Snowflakes Song is a popular kids dance song about winter by The Learning Station & sung by Don Monopoli. Snowflakes Song includes lyrics. Snowflakes is from...

Winter clothing song for children

It's too cold to play outside in winter without winter clothes!

Now can your child practice putting on their hat, scarf, gloves and coat on independently. If they can do all that on their own, can they try putting on their boots? 

Well done children!