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Fun-day Focus

Make-it Monday

Our topic this week is based around action figures and dolls. 

Today we will be making our own action figure or action doll using card or paper. 

  • Draw a simple body shape on cardboard (the inside of a cereal box is a good substitute if you don't have card at home).
  • Cut around the shape and give to your child to colour and draw facial features.
  • Next use tissue or coloured paper (or shiny sweet wrappers) to add clothes, capes, hats, etc.
  • Attach with selotape or glue. 

When your doll/ figure is completed, create a story to play:

Where does he/she live? Who does he/she live with?

Where is he/she going? Does something good/ bad happen? Who can help?.....


Taste-it Tuesday

Linking to our topic of action figures and action dolls, we will be talking about healthy food that gives our body energy and 'super powers', with strong muscles and shiny eyes and teeth.

The children will be making a fruit salad and will be helping to slice/ chop soft fruit.

Wiggle Wednesday

Moving to music is good fun. It improves children's physical strength and control as they copy the movements shown:

Fruit Juice | Pinkfong Dance Along for Children

Exercise Song | ITS Music Kids Songs

Exercise song for children | Patty Shukla

Thrilling Thursday

Today we are going to go to Superhero School!

Building Superhero Strength

  • Do ten star jumps
  • Run around the room/yard/garden three times
  • Throw a ball or a bean bag to an adult and catch it 
  • Stand on one leg for a few moments then stand on the other leg
  • Crawl forwards and back
  • Skip on the spot
  • Run on the spot with high knees for 30 seconds.

These are difficult for young children to do so give your child a challenge at which they will be able succeed. 


Next, make up a play story with your child using their superpower strength!

Top tips for supporting your superheroes!

  • Allow children to lead the play trying not to take over their play and storylines – it’s their play so you should be “interacting not interfering”.
  • Find out about the characters that your children are most interested in.
  • Support the children as they set the scene and help them to make any props that might be useful.
  • Talk about who the goodies (and baddies) are and what they do.
  • Help your child to solve a problem, such as a baddie stealing the treasure and the superhero traps the baddie.

Funky Friday

Today we can move our bodies and dance like superheroes!

Superhero dance!

HEAD SHOULDERS KNEES AND TOES Superhero Kids Songs and Dance with Spiderman