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Fun-day Focus

Make-it Monday

Our topic this week is based around teddy bears and soft toys. 

Today we will be painting pictures of teddy bears. Look at the images below:

To paint a teddy bear:

  • paint a circle for the head with a smaller circle inside for the node and mouth
  • paint another circle for the body
  • paint arms and legs.

It might be easier/ more effective to draw facial features with a pen/ pencil.

If you don't have paint, you could draw a teddy bear with pencil/ pens or you could make your own paint using ketchup, soy sauce or stock cube. You could use a cotton bud or finger to paint.

Taste-it Tuesday

Teddy bears love jam sandwiches so children will be making their own sandwich in school today.

  • Give your child a piece of bread.
  • Dot small amounts of jam, butter or lemon curd on to their bread.
  • Before giving your child a small knife to spread, explain the potential danger of using a knife and the importance of safety (especially NOT to put the knife in their mouth).
  • Ask your child to spread the filling on their bread.
  • Fold the bread in half and eat. Mmmmmmm!

Wiggle Wednesday

Moving to music is good fun. It improves children's physical strength and control as they copy the movements shown:

★ Just Dance Kids 2 - I'm a Gummy Bear (The Gummy Bear Song) (HD) ★

Head Shoulders Knees And Toes - Nursery rhyme -

Thrilling Thursday

Today we will make a den for our teddies! It will be a Teddy Talk Den!

Make a den by covering a table, chairs or a sofa with a blanket, all cosy and dark. Bring the bears along and read them a story with your child.


Chatting Matters

Reading stories is a great way for your children to learn new words. The more words your child knows the better. Let your child point to things or tell you things as you share favourite stories. When you read stories that are known, stop at different parts and let them tell you the missing word.

Nursery Rhymes are fun for children – the more they know the better readers they will become. Vocabulary and increasing the number of new words you child hears every day is very important for future learning.

Communication and Language 

You might notice that your child can:

Show you that they understand “who”, “what” and “where” when you use short questions as you look at pictures in a book or play with toys.

Use simple sentences with 3-4 words to talk about what they are doing or what is happening.

Understand your questions “Put teddy under the blanket” they know what you mean and I can do it by themselves.

Use longer sentences with words like “because” and ‘and’.

Ask lots of questions and answer your questions too.

Talk about what we are doing now, and what might happen later.

Funky Friday

Today we will play Hide and Seek! This is how to play.

hide and seek

Quiet Loud Quiet Song

Now we can play a game of hiding the teddy bear with loud and quiet sounds!

HUM FOR THE BEAR Hide a teddy without your child seeing where! Hum quietly when your child is far away from it and hum louder as your child gets closer. Make your voice loud and quiet.

Enjoy the game with your child!