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Fun-day Focus

Make-it Monday

We will begin a new topic about 'Toys' today.

Give your child a piece of paper to try to draw a simple car shape.

Watch the clip below with your child to follow simple instructions:

How to Draw A Shape Car

Taste-it Tuesday

Children prepare and eat their own snack on Taste-it Tuesday.

By doing this, they develop their finger strength and physical control over utensils. They also develop their independence and gain confidence in their ability.

Young children love to help in the kitchen.

There are lots of simple jobs you could ask your child to help you with today. They could:

  •  mix/stir,
  • place food on a baking tray,
  • wash potatoes,
  • put pasta in a bowl before you add it to the pan
  • chop soft ingredients such as banana or mushroom.

Chatting to your child as they help will continue to develop their listening and comprehension skills.

Wiggle Wednesday

Children develop co-ordination and physical skills as well as creative skills and imagination responding to music with movement.

This week we are focussing on stop and go movements.

Thrilling Thursday

Today's thrill needs a blanket!

This interesting game engages your child and is good for listening skills.

  • Space out evenly and hold the blanket.
  • Take turns to be the weather reporter.
  • Decide one type of blanket movement for each type of weather;
  • Calm                                                          keep the blanket still

Rain                                                           flutter the blanket gently

Wind                                                         swing the blanket from side to side

Storm                                                        shaking the blanket up and down            


  • The weather reporter has to announce the weather conditions and both/all of you have to move the blanket in that way. See if your child can remember the actions without your help.


After you’ve played the game, use the blanket to play with your child for a while. They might want to crawl under or over it, they might want to make a tent with the blanket between chairs. They might want the blanket wrapped around them and you could read a story together. Or your child may want to place dolls or teddies in the blanket. Let your child choose the play as long as it is safe.


Funky Friday

Let's start Funky Friday with our teddies!


Teddy bear teddy bear reach up high (hands up high).

Teddy Bear Teddy Bear touch the sky (Jump up with hands high and stretch).

Teddy Bear Teddy Bear march in space (march like a soldier).

Teddy Bear teddy bear keep up the pace (keep going).

Teddy Bear Teddy bear reach down low (bend down and touch the ground)

Teddy Bear Teddy Bear up we go (stand up again).

Teddy Bear Teddy Bear move your feet Teddy Bear Teddy Bear dance to the beat,

Teddy Bear Teddy Bear find your nose.

Teddy Bear Teddy Bear touch your toes,

Teddy Bear Teddy Bear run, run, run!

Teddy Bear Teddy Bear now we’re done!

Teddy Bear Teddy Bear smile don’t frown!

Teddy Bear Teddy Bear now sit down!

Teddy Bear, Teddy Bear Turn Around


• Introduce the children to the activity with acting/expressing/demonstrating these Opposites: loud and quiet.

• When quiet you can tip toe with fingers on lips, when you are loud you can skip/gallop around the room.


Loud and Quiet are opposites. There are other opposites too. Listen to the song .

The Opposites Action and Dance Song

A fun call and response song to teach opposites!