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COVID-19 Risk Assessments for School Reopening June 2020

Plan for Re-opening of Lawrence CP School for Eligible Vulnerable and Key Worker Children on 1st June 2020


In line with Liverpool’s guidance the school will re-open for identified vulnerable families and children of key workers on June 1. Initially this will be run in line with the organisation of Liverpool Hubs which was agreed by the appropriate authorities and unions since schools were closed on 23rd March. Further guidance and planning for the future wider re-opening of the school will follow in a timely manner and be shared with all stakeholders.



School is advised to create a reopening plan in line with current Government, Public Health and DfE guidelines.


This must include ways in which:


▪ Social Distancing can be maintained


Visual daily check that the school can be adequately and safely staffed when it reopens and visual checks made constantly during the day. 


Extremely clinically vulnerable pupils and staff will remain at home until further notice and are supported to learn or work from home.


Pupils will be greeted at the gate, if parents need to register only one parent allowed in the entrance area at a time.


Activities will take place outside whenever possible. Staff and pupils asked to bring in coats in poor weather.


Numbers of staff will be  kept to a minimum.


Additional staff to be sent home each day.


Line managers will hold discussions with staff who are deemed more vulnerable to infection and put any alternative arrangements in place.


Pupils will be taught in small groups (no more 10), grouped approximately by age if possible, in a large space. If larger numbers of pupils attend additional rooms will be opened up.


Staff reminded each day during morning briefing to follow social distancing guidelines whenever possible and pupils will be frequently reminded about social distancing and reminded to wash hands regularly.


When children are seated, seating will be at least 2m apart whenever possible.


Lining up avoided if at all possible, 2m rule applied if this cannot be avoided.


We will send out pupil and parent surveys towards the end of the first week of each group of children returning to school to assess how they feel about the school reopening and to act on any concerns they may have.


▪ How Practical Lessons can be taught safely 


See above for social distancing


Pupils reminded to and be given the opportunity to wash their hands thoroughly and regularly.


The school will ensure pupils and staff adopt good respiratory practice, i.e. coughing and sneezing into their elbow or tissue and set up infection control stations, within the teaching areas, outside in the corridor and outside areas, using soap and water, and alcohol-based hand sanitiser.


When possible, pupils have their own resources and do not share, ongoing cleaning (wiping and if needed spot mopping) will be done by all staff as appropriate and sterilised wipes and cleaning materials will be child-safety proofed but readily available.


▪ The care of pupils on EHC plans or children of EYFS age can be maintained.


At the moment no children have EHC plans but staff will liaise with the parents of pupils who are deemed more vulnerable to infection and discuss any alternative arrangements, where required. Where appropriate, teaching staff all have sight of vulnerable children's pupils profiles.


Whenever possible there will be staff from across the school, so staff are familiar with individual children’s needs

If a child needs any intimate care, changing a nappy for example, more than one member of staff will be present and it will be recorded in a book.  


Whenever possible there will always be the lowest possible ratio of pupils to staff in teaching groups. 


▪ How EHC/EYFS lessons or play activities can be taught safely. 


See above - Social distancing and care of pupils, a paediatric first aider will also be on site and the safeguarding officer will always be available off-site.


Identify pupils with additional needs  - these pupils will have appropriate additional provision put in place to ensure their needs are adequately and safely met, e.g. the relevant staff are available. 


If pupil numbers are high, we will identify which areas of the school are subject to high people traffic and put a plan in place to maximise infection control during busy periods, e.g. staggered breaktimes.


Appropriate PPE will be available to members of staff required to carry out their role, this PPE will be supplied by LA and supplemented with school provision.


Replacement supplies to be ordered from by 12pm each Wednesday.


 ▪ Deep Cleaning 


The identified area of school being used: Reception classes, Reception corridor, Reception toilets and school hall. (Nursery staffroom will be used to isolate any children suspected of covid infection, the staffroom  will be used for all other medical needs). School office, Conference room and 1 designated staff toilet will also be used but only by members of staff.


The number of rooms used by staff and volunteers during working hours is limited to those listed above to avoid the spread of infection.


All areas that have been cleaned are checked to ensure they are safe to occupy, e.g. there are no slip hazards and any harmful substances have been removed.


All areas that remain temporarily closed or partially closed for cleaning or infection control purposes are clearly identified to staff.


Adequate amounts of suitable cleaning agents are available.


PPE is available to members of staff who require it to carry out cleaning safely.


One child in toilets at a time.


Caretaker and Cleaning RAs will work with SMT to ensure all areas are deep cleaned to the best of their ability.


 ▪ Action Plan to deal with suspected Coronavirus cases. 


The suspected person will be isolated in a room with a closed door, if possible, and windows will be opened.

Anyone needing to be with the person will wear appropriate PPE.

If a pupil, parent/carer will be contacted and asked to collect them from school immediately. If a staff member, a safe method of getting home will be agreed.

Equipment the person has been used will be cleaned.

Coronavirus letter will be sent home to all parents/carers.

Current Government guidance will be followed.




Staff Training – The school is advised to provide staff training and instruction to all staff before the school is reopened to pupils. This training should be recorded to verify staff attending the training/instruction fully understand. 


All staff and volunteers are aware of all relevant policies and procedures including, but not limited to, the following:

-   Health, Safety and Welfare Policy


All staff have regard to all relevant guidance and legislation including, but not limited to, the following:

-   Reporting of Injuries, Diseases and Dangerous Occurrences Regulations (RIDDOR) 2013

-   The Health Protection (Notification) Regulations 2010

-   Public Health England (PHE) (2017) ‘Health protection in schools and other childcare facilities’

-   DfE and PHE (2020) ‘COVID-19: guidance for educational settings’


SMT review relevant school policies to ensure they account for the new provisions, e.g. reduced class sizes, behaviour expectations and staffing ratios as a result of Covid-19.


All staff have been directed to watch the Covid-19 School Reopening PowerPoint for the school and there will be a Staff briefing each morning before children arrive. There will be a handover from staff from each previous week

To help protect wellbeing and mental health, and ensure all staff, volunteers and pupils have access to managerial (SMT) or pastoral (Marina/Mentors) support when the school reopens. Staff, if needed, have access to occupational health support and counselling once this is possible. 



Social Distancing – The school is advised to create a set of social distancing rules that all staff and pupils should follow


See above

Education Posters - posters and lesson plans on general hand hygiene can be found on the school’s website and the eBug website as well as around the school areas. The following message will be constantly reinforced with all pupils and staff:


How to avoid catching or spreading microbes

There are things you can do to help stop viruses like coronavirus spreading.


  • cover your mouth and nose with a tissue or your sleeve (not your hands) when you cough or sneeze

  • put used tissues in the bin immediately

  • wash your hands with soap and water often – use hand sanitiser gel if soap and water are not available

  • try to avoid close contact with people who are unwell


  • do not touch your eyes, nose or mouth if your hands are not clean



Social Distancing EHC plan or EYFS – The school is advised to liaise with the pupils teaching support staff and the pupils’ parents to ensure all the child’s needs are met.


No EHC plans are required at the moment but see above for meeting children’s additional needs through their pupil profiles.



Communication with Parents – The school is advised to create a Suspected Coronavirus Letter which should be sent out to all parents/carers if a member of staff or pupil were to take ill in school and was displaying Coronavirus symptoms. Parents/carers should be asked to monitor their child’s health and to self-isolate if their child was to develop symptoms.  


We update the school’s website with any information regarding suspected outbreaks and implications for reopening, e.g. dates, local arrangements.

Information leaflets will be given to parents if a member of staff or pupil were to take ill in school and was displaying Coronavirus symptoms.