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Autumn 2021 Virtual Parent Meeting

22nd-25th November, 2021



Dear Parents/Carers,


We will be holding our parent/ teacher meetings virtually on computer:          


Monday 22nd- Thursday 25th November between

3.30 pm – 6.00pm



You will need to be able to log on to your child’s ‘GOOGLE CLASSROOM’ account (that everyone has used during lockdown). Your class teacher has sent you a ’GOOGLE CLASSROOM’ e-mail for you to respond to with your preferred meeting day. Initially, each on-line appointment can only be 10 mins long and then the system will stop the meet so that the next person can start their meeting. If you require more time you can arrange another virtual meeting with your class teacher.


If you cannot attend a virtual meeting other COVID-SAFE arrangements can be made with your class teacher after you contact the school office.


The meeting will give you the opportunity to discuss your child’s progress with the teacher, share their targets for the future and achievements in school.


Please choose which day you would prefer and submit your reply using ’GOOGLE CLASSROOM’ to your class teacher and you will be sent you virtual appointment time for that day.




Nursery children do not have school GOOGLE CLASSROOM accounts. If you would like to see your teacher(s) please contact the school office and alternative COVID-SAFE arrangements can be made.


Thank you for all your patience and co-operation in this matter and we look forward to seeing you at one of our virtual meetings.