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Week 2: 5.10.20 - 9.10.20

Hello everybodyblush.

Scroll down for this weeks activities.

Phonics Time
This week during phonics time the children in Reception are learning to name the pictures linked to the letter sounds. This will help them to remember letter sounds in the future.   mailParents: Look at the pictures below with your child. Say the picture names and ask your child to repeat after you.

Now, let's practice writing the following letters - remember to use the rhymes to help you.
n - down Nobby, over his net

p - down the plait, over the pirate's face

g - around her face, down her hair, give her a curl

o - all around the orange 

c - curl around the caterpillar 

k - down his body, tail and leg.


Fred Talk


This is Fred!


He can only talk in sounds for example, he says c-a-t not cat. We call this 'Fred talk.'  

 mail Parents: Fred talk the following words and encourage your child to blend them back to you. If your child needs support, blend the word and ask them to repeat it after you.


jet, sat, mat, pop, got, yap, map, sun


Fantastic phonics everyoneyes.

Maths Time
Can you name the shapes below?

This week, at Maths time, Reception are learning about Numicon. Look at the Numicon pieces below. Each Numicon piece is a different colour and represents a different number, we count the holes to find out what number it representssmiley e.g. orange is number 1. Your challenge is to find out which number each colour represents, good luck!

Super Maths Challenge
Can you point to Numicon 7?

Can you point to Numicon 10?

Can you point to Numicon 5?

Can you point to Numicon 2?

Chat on the Mat Time

In Reception, we are going to be learning all about the story 'Dear Zoo.' Click on the video below to listen to the storylaugh.

Look below for your 'Dear Zoo' activitieslaugh.


Activity 1 

Can you name the animals below from the story? 

Activity 2

Can you make actions for each animal? 


Activity 3 

Do you know what these words from the story mean?


Fierce, Jumpy, scary, tall, big, perfect, grumpy, naughty 


Activity 4 

Can you think of actions for all of those words?


Super busy worklaugh. We would love to see some pictures of your actions.


If you have any questions you can email you teachersyes

Miss Dodgson ( & Mr Kirkbride (