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Week 1: 28.9.20 - 2.10.20

Hello everybodyblush.
Please scroll down for this weeks activities.

Phonics Time

This week, during phonics time, the children in Reception are learning to name the pictures linked to the letter sounds. This will help them to remember letter sounds in the future.  mail Parents: Look at the pictures below with your child. Say the picture names and ask your child to repeat after you.

Now, let's practice writing the following letters - remember to use the rhymes to help you.

m - Maisie, mountain, mountain 

a - around the apple, down the leaf

s - slither down the snake

d - around his bottom, up his tall neck, down to his feet

t - down the tower, across the tower

i - down his body, dot for the head


Fred talk

 This is Fred 




He can only talks in sounds for example, he says c-a-t not cat. We call this 'Fred talk.'  

mail Parents: Fred talk the following words and encourage your child to blend them back to you. If your child needs support, blend the word and ask them to repeat after you.


Dog, pot, jug, mop, log, jam, sit, fat


Fantastic phonics everyonelaugh.

Maths Time

This week at Maths time, we are learning to count using our pointy fingers.  mail Parents: Point to the numbers below and see if your child can recognise them. If your child needs support, say the number and and encourage them to repeat after you.

mail Parents: Can your child count the different objects below? Encourage them to use their pointy finger and touch each object as they count. 

Super Maths Challenge

Can you....

  • draw 5 dinosaurs
  • jump 6 times 
  • clap 7 times
  • spin around 8 times 
  • build a tower with 4 things 


Spectacular maths Receptionlaugh.

Chat on the Mat Time

In Reception, we are going to be learning all about the story 'Dear Zoo.' Please click on the video below to listen to the storylaugh.

Dear Zoo

Look below for your 'Dear Zoo' busy work activitieswink.


Activity 1: Can you name all of the animals in the story?


Activity 2: What is your favourite Zoo animal? Can you draw a picture of one? 


Activity 3: Make some stick puppets of the animals in the story.


Activity 4: Can you answer these questions?


  1. Which animal was too big?
  2. Who was too scary?
  3. Why did they send the Lion back?
  4. What animal was perfect?



Spectacular busy work Receptionyes.

You have done some great work this weeklaugh

If you have any questions you can email you teachers. 

Miss Dodgson ( & Mr Kirkbride (