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Active maths

We love Motty's challenges that help us to develop our mathematical skills through active learning!
Addition Heroes
Motty left us another challenge! We played addition heroes! We had to use our athletic ability to jump over a course of hurdles to collect numbers and symbols to build addition number sentences.
What's the Question?
Mottys Challenge! Motty challenged us to play What's the Question? We had three target numbers and we had to solve the addition sums that we found in the classroom and write them in the correct place on the target boards.
Shape Sorter
Motty challenged us to complete a game called shape sorter. We had to bounce the ball along the racing lane, pick up a card from the hoop and jump back to the start line. We then had to sort the cards into a properties table to show the properties of different 2d shapes. We had lots of fun!!
Subtraction Slinger
Motty challenged us to roll the dice and throw the corresponding amount of objects onto the mat. We then had to count the total amount of objects after a given time and subtract that total from 20. We wrote the subtraction sums on the board. Miss Miles said we did a super job!!
Shape Sorter 2
We played shape sorter again to consolidate our understanding of grouping shapes and identifying their properties! Miss Miles was very proud of how much we had remembered!! We had to single step the ladder and the do hop scotch on the way to collect the shapes and information.
Measuring length and height
Motty left two different challenges for us to complete. He wanted us to measure the different heights of the three box tops that we were challenged to jump off, we used a metre stick to measure how many centimetres tall they were. He also challenged us to complete a long jump challenge, we had to do a standing long jump and measure the length of the distance we jumped. We used a metre stick to measure the length. One child managed a super jump of 124cm, he was the winner of the challenge!! Miss Miles and Mr Goudie couldn't believe our bravery when jumping from the highest box top and they were also surprised at the length we could jump!
Times Table Time Trial
Motty left us a challenge! We have been learning multiples of 2! Motty challenged us to run in and out of the cones, throw the ball in the air, clap and catch the ball and then collect a multiple of two from the hoop at the end. We then had to run back and put the multiples of two in the correct order. Motty made the challenge harder by asking us to clap behind our back after throwing the ball and by ordering the multiples of two backwards, starting with highest first.
Against the Time
Motty challenged us to navigate the hurdles and collect 12 clocks and return them to the hoop at the beginning of the obstacle course. We then had to show all the o'clock times on a clock and arrange them into one big clock! Miss Miles was very proud of our efforts!